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May 11th

Kurly from Uk

She will be discussing relationships and Feng Shui for love

May 4th 

Patricia Lee

She will be speaking with us about Qi Men Dun Jia


may 9th

Sergio Chagas 

He will be speaking on his experience on feng shui in Argentina


Incredible bar in  Bangkok, Thailand: The Witches Bar 



On this bar's menu, we can find coffee, tea, cakes, spiritual advice, spells, and much more...tune in to this interview, which will be an example of the potential of one's imagination.


June 8th

5 elements in kitchen



Roberto Marrochesi will be speaking on Feng Shui Radio about topics such as Ying and Yang in the kitchen to Macrobiotics in Chinese medicine.


June 6th

What is Cancer?

David Lujan

He'll be telling us about his experience with Natural Acupuncture and if cancer diagnosis is a wake-up call for family dynamics, or lack thereof, on Feng Shui Radio.

May 9th

The importance of a lineage in feng shui 



Alan Chong will be on Feng Shui Radio speaking on the difference between studying independently (books, internet, etc.) and following the instruction of a teacher who has a lineage, as well as the significant impact of an effective instructor.



May 18th

Who we are...

What is Feng Shui Radio?  It is an initiative brought forth by Feng Shui professionals and Chinese metaphysics with the objective of establishing communcation and supporting the principles of Chinese metaphysics.

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